The Analytics Corner

Welcome to my new blogging home — The Analytics Corner. The time has come to leave Data Shop Talk and work on my own platform. Big Mountain Analytics was the company I started when I first moved to Montana. It’s no longer active, as I am a full-time employee with SM Energy, but I still own the domain, so why not use it!

To create the best content possible, I’ve partnered with a friend/coworker, Jacob Bennett. For details on why I partnered with Jacob, check out our full bios check on the About Us page.

Our goal is to help you turn your analytics clutter into clarity. Historically, I’ve been a Spotfire blogger, but I intend to diversify content as my work changes (enter Alteryx and Python library for visualization). This is also why Jacob is a part of this site. If you are looking for my previous work, I’ve linked to all Data Shop Talk posts and categorized them for easy sifting. All the content is right here!

Look at all them pixels!

Recent Updates

I attended the Gartner Conference in Orlando, FL. I’ll be writing a 4 part series on my key take aways from the conference. You can find the first post here.

I’ll also be at the TIBCO Analytics Forum (formerly Energy Forum) in October.

Coming Soon (from Julie)

I will be writing two series in the coming weeks. The first focuses on all the different methods for data limiting in Spotfire. Click here to find links to individual posts in the series The next series will cover Spotfire property controls.

I also have a few ideas for a simple R series, and you’ll see me throw in a few posts on my road to becoming proficient in IronPython.