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Welcome to The Analytics Corner! Some of you may be new to my page, and others may know me from my work on the (formerly Data Shop Talk blog. All DST content is collated and organized here. Please note, DST has changed their theme since I worked for them, the posts look a little rough as a result. My goal here is to help you turn your analytics clutter into clarity. This is a Spotfire and Altyerx blog, and I want to share my knowledge of these two awesome applications. Posts come out 1 – 5 times a week.

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Recent Updates

I recently published a 5 part series on Spotfire logging based on my own experience trying to ask and answer questions with Spotfire log data.

  1. How to Setup Spotfire Logging
  2. How to Use the Spotfire ACTIONLOG
  3. Spotfire Logging Categories and Actions
  4. Understanding Spotfire Logging Views
  5. Joining Logging Data Sets

Coming Soon

  • A continuation of my series on learning the Spotfire expression language.
  • A post on building my first Alteryx macro.
  • More on Spotfire functions I have never written about like property controls.
  • An article or two on analytics topics that aren’t Spotfire, like how to choose an analytics masters program.