The Analytics Corner

Welcome to The Analytics Corner! Some of you may be new to my page, and others may know me from my work on Data Shop Talk. All DST content is collated and organized here. Please note, DST has changed their theme since I worked for them, and the content isn’t as readable.

My goal here is to help you turn your analytics clutter into clarity. Historically, I’ve been a Spotfire blogger, but I’ve started to diversify content as I work more with Python and Alteryx.

Look at all them pixels!

Recent Updates

I attended the Gartner Conference in Orlando, FL earlier this year. You can read my thoughts on where analytics is going in this four-part series.

I was planning on attending the TIBCO Analytics Forum in Houston this fall, but as many of you know, the current price environment is cause for belt-tightening. It’s hard to justify sending me from MT to Houston when our Spotfire admin is located in Houston and can attend.

Coming Soon

  • More posts on IronPython.
  • Experiments with Python data functions. Check out my first post on python data functions.
  • More on Spotfire functions I have never written about like property controls.
  • A few pro-tips I’ve been holding on to for far too long in drafts.
  • An article or two on analytics topics that aren’t Spotfire, like how to choose an analytics masters program.