February 2019


Modules, packages, and repositories. Oh my!

Modules, packages, and repositories are three terms that often cause confusion for analysts as they leave BI tools behind and begin to write their own code. I’ll reference these terms in many future posts, and you’ll continue seeing them throughout your career. We’ll cover the basics of each and go over a few examples in Python and R.

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Data Limiting with Filtering Schemes

Welcome to part 3 of my Spotfire Data Limiting Series. The first post in the series covered data limiting with filter and data panels. The second post talked about data limiting in the web player. This post will explain how to use filtering schemes to limit data. This is an essential skill for new users to master. For more experienced users, the post will also explain when filtering schemes work best and when to choose another method.

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Panel Changes in Spotfire X

This afternoon, while waiting on data to load into a Spotfire project, I decided to get a jump on my data limiting series. The series starts with filter panels and data panels, which changed a lot in Spotfire 10 and beyond. I say “beyond” because Spotfire 10.1 was just released. Anyway, I started the post by explaining those changes, which turned out to be quite lengthy. So, I decided to put panel changes in Spotfire X into it’s own post. Read on for more details.

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Data Limiting In Spotfire

  • Have you ever looked at a Spotfire project and been at a loss for how the data is being limited or filtered?
  • Would you like to know more about the Spotfire toolkit for limiting data?
  • Would you like to know when to use one method for data limiting over another?
  • Did you take a Spotfire basics course and need a refresher on data limiting in Spotfire?
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