March 2019

Key Messages from the Gartner Analytics Conference

Last week, I attended the Gartner Analytics conference in Orlando. It was my first time attending a Gartner event. Granted, I have previously read their research. The scale of the event impressive. The speakers were top-notch, and the content was relevant to the challenges I deal with every day. To summarize the most important things learned, I developed 3 key messages from Gartner. They contextualize the 7 presentations I attended into important themes important for analytics at any company. Read on if…

  • Your company is struggling with delivering data to users in a timely fashion.
  • You would like to use analytics to be more innovative.
  • Your analytics environment seems confusing and chaotic.
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Data Limiting with Marking

Welcome to part 4 of my Spotfire Data Limiting Series. The first post in the series covered data limiting with the filter and data panels. The second post talked about data limiting in the web player. The third post discussed limiting using filtering schemes. Now, we are on to limiting with marking, which many people know as creating details visualizations. This is one of my favorite features of Spotfire, and it’s one of the application’s many interactive features.

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Developing Spotfire Skills

A Spotfire user reached out to me on LinkedIn last week asking about developing Spotfire skills. He wanted to know what skills to focus on and how to develop them. I have LOTS of ideas and thoughts on this. Therefore, this week’s post looks at building Spotfire skills based on roles in the oil and gas industry.

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Data Limiting in the Web Player

When I originally conceptualized the series on data limiting, I incorporated the web player at the end. I thought that by the end, I would have explained all the different methods of data limiting and would conclude with how those methods are limited in the web player.

I’m only one part in, and I realize data limiting in the web player needs to come before everything else. Each post explains when to use a particular method, and quite often you use (or don’t use) a method BECAUSE you are working in the web player. So, I am reordering things a little bit. Part 8 is now Part 2!

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