How to Debug Alteryx Apps

Last week, I built my first app. Then, I added on to that app. As I added on to it, the app became more complicated, and I started running into problems. I reached out to the Alteryx VSC for assistance. Part of our troubleshooting processes involved debugging, which is critical to producing successful apps. If you are ever going to build an app, you must know how to debug. Read on to find out how.

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How to Improve Spotfire Load Times

Long load times are a problem all Spotfire users struggle with eventually. The first step to reducing load time involves understanding which tables are taking the longest to load. Spotfire provides this information in the Help menu, but it’s not in a form that is easy to work with. This week, I need to help one of our project teams optimize their Spotfire project, so I built an Excel template to parse this data. Now I know what to go after in order to improve Spotfire load times.

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Use TERR to Dynamically Update Visualization Titles

This week, I worked with our production team to create a downtime dashboard. The dashboard only brings in allocated data, which has a two-day lag. It makes sense to include the date of the most recent data in the visualization title. This task can be accomplished with TERR, JavaScript, or Python. I chose TERR for my project, so this post will show you how to use TERR to dynamically update visualization titles.

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Search the Alteryx Results Pane

I recently wrote a posting entitled 11 Tips & Habits for Efficiency & Consistency in Alteryx Workflows. One of the tips showcased new Alteryx search functionality. A few folks commented that they didn’t know about this new functionality, so when I “discovered” that you can also search the Alteryx Results pane, I had to write about it. This feature was right in front of my eyes the whole time, I just couldn’t see it. Read on to learn more.

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Using Document Properties to Control Data Limiting by Expression

I love data limiting with expressions! It is my go-to method for data limiting because it is the most flexible. However, I found myself updating expressions over and over in tons of charts. It was just inefficient and painful. Then, I learned how to connect document properties to my expressions. Now, I know how to be more efficient in my data limiting. I promise this is worth your time! Read on to learn more.

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Spotfire Axis Names on Bar Charts

Last week, I introduced the concept of Axis Names. If I counted correctly, there are 19 axis names applicable to one or more of the 14 visualizations in Spotfire. I will go through the axis names one visualization at a time, beginning with axis names on bar charts. Although, I learned very quickly that just because you can use an axis name on a given visualization, it doesn’t mean you should. I’ll show you what I mean by looking at Axis.X and Axis.Color. Read on to learn more.

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