Pro Tip — Embedding Spotfire DXPs

As my About Us bio notes, I am on SM Energy’s Advanced Analytics and Emerging Technology team. Part of my role in that team is building Spotfire and Alteryx projects and workflows for different business units. I’ve been working on an Alteryx workflow for our Drilling team and a Spotfire project for our Completions team concurrently for a few months. Both of those projects connect to our WellView data warehouse. This week we migrated from WV9 to WV10.

Tip of the Week : Saved embedded copies of DXPs prior to any major systems changes or upgrades.

Really, this hasn’t been a bad upgrade. I needed to recreate a few information links to account for table changes. I expected that. Not a problem. What I didn’t expect was having to redo all my joins because new columns entered my data sources. Because these columns aren’t in the “Ignore” list (as explained in this post), they get inserted any place I have a join. Without having an embedded copy to refer back to, recreating these joins (or adding in Exclude columns transformations) would take a lot more time. And in case I wasn’t clear, I did have an embedded copy to go back to. This was NOT a case of what I should have done!


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