Spotfire How To Tutorials

I am very sad to report that has decommissioned the Data Shop Talk blog, which I wrote on from August 2016 to February 2019. I have backup copies of the content, but getting it back online is still manual work, so it’ll take a while. None of the links below work anymore, but I am saving the list to help me curate the content. I’ll get it back on the web!

Spotfire How To Tutorials

Data Wrangling & Architecture

Spotfire Transformations — Calculate new columns, calculate and replace columns & change data type

Spotfire Transformations — Change column name

Spotfire Transformations – Unpivot

Spotfire Transformations – Pivot

Dynamic Pivot Transformation

Spotfire Transformations — Data functions

Spotfire Transformations — Normalization

Spotfire – Insert, Calculated Column vs Insert, Transformation, Calculate New Column

Optimal Architecture for Combining Spotfire Tables

Spotfire Architecture — how to avoid losing columns when replacing data tables

Optimal Architecture to Avoid Rebuilding Tables

The Most Important Thing You Don’t Know About How Spotfire Builds Tables

Update to Troubleshooting Long Load Times

Part 1 — Troubleshooting Long Load Times

Part 2 — Improving Web Player Load Time

Part 3 – Improve Spotfire DXP Load Time

MS Access vs SQL for Spotfire

How to Load MS Access Tables as Quickly as Possible

What is a Spotfire Data Set?

Could data sets make your Spotfire project load faster?

Merging In House and Public Data in Spotfire

Spotfire Troubleshooting — Data won’t import from a spreadsheet

Spotfire Troubleshooting — CustomQuery: ‘TableName’ was not allowed to execute because it is not trusted

Spotfire Error — Not able to access the database under the current security context

Spotfire Troubleshooting — Missing Records and Problems in Spreadsheet Loading Behavior

Spotfire Expression Language

Spotfire Expressions — Learning Syntax

Spotfire Expressions — over statements

Spotfire Expressions — node navigation methods

Spotfire Expressions — 2 ways to write expressions with OVER and node navigation

Spotfire Expressions – $esc and $map functions

Spotfire Expressions — writing custom expressions on the y axis

Spotfire Axis Names

Spotfire Expressions — Combining Values Along the Horizontal Axis

Moving Averages in Spotfire

Spotfire Expressions – Rank and DenseRank

Spotfire Custom Expressions — Unique Concatenate versus Concatenate

Writing Calculations Against Untagged Records

How to Remove Months of Zero Production from a Cumulative Calculation

Spotfire Expressions — how to return a column name from a property control rather than the column values and a Spotfire Description hack

Text Areas, Property Controls, & Action Controls

Unscrambling the Spotfire Text Area

A Different Way to Build Drop-Down Property Controls

Creating Aliases for Spotfire IDs

Spotfire Property Controls – Difference between TRUE & FALSE when creating Column Properties


Spotfire Solutions — Add probit plot to existing DXP

How to Build a Multiple Variable Probit Plot

How to Configure Scatter Plot Line Connections

Spotfire Features — Line Connections in Scatter Plots

How do you set colors in Spotfire without reverting back to defaults?

Spotfire Maps — How to Configure a Map Chart with a Non-Map Image

Spotfire Troubleshooting – Red line around a pie chart

Spotfire – Label Hack

Spotfire Troubleshooting — Labels won’t appear on a map chart feature layer

Lines & Curves

Spotfire Functions — Lines & Curves

Spotfire Functions – Lines & Curves – Line from Column Values

Spotfire Functions – Lines & Curves – Line from Data Table

Spotfire Functions – Lines & Curves – Curve from Data Table

Spotfire Functions – Lines & Curves – Curve Draw

Normal Distribution Curve on a Visualization

Horizontal Line Limitations in Lines & Curves

Properties & Panels

Helpful Tips for Editing Spotfire Tables via the Data Panel

Spotfire Hack — Using Data Table Properties to determine record granularity

Part 1 — Spotfire Properties — Document Properties

Part 2 – Spotfire Properties – Data Table Properties

Part 3 – Spotfire Properties – Column Properties

Part 4 – Data Connection Properties

Part 5 – Data Function Properties

Part 6 – Visualization Properties

Spotfire Features — Manually managing filters

Spotfire Hacks — IsValid in Column Properties

Accessing Data Function Parameters

Spotfire Filters Don’t Recognize Special Characters

Spotfire Features & Functions

Spotfire Functions – Tags

Differences Between Bookmarks, Tags & Lists

Using Lists to Recall Marked Data

Spotfire Hacks — Using lists to recall lost tags


Learning IronPython for Spotfire

Basics of Implementing IronPython in Spotfire

Learn IronPython for Spotfire…Navigating the API

Learn IronPython for Spotfire…One Code Snippet At A Time

C#, IronPython, and Python Reference Links

IronPython to Reset Zoom Sliders

How to Add Lines to a Probit Plot with IronPython

IronPython to Turn Labels On and Off a Visualization

IronPython to Turn Panels On & Off

IronPython to Sort the Bars of a Combination Chart

Trigger On-Demand Queries with IronPython

IronPython in Spotfire — Turning lines & curves on and off

Iron Python in Spotfire — Using a property control to change filtering schemes

IronPython in Spotfire — Creating a button to toggle a map layer on and off

IronPython and JavaScript to refresh data tables at a set interval


Intro to HTML — Part 1

HTML Tag Attributes – Part 2

Using CSS in Spotfire HTML — Part 3

HTML Containers and Style Attributes – Part 4

HTML for Lists – Part 5

CSS in the Style Tag — Part 6

Create a Button Style with HTML & CSS

Creating Multiple Button Styles with CSS

HTML to Place Button in Center of a Text Area

Improving Text Area Aesthetics with HTML Tables

Incorporating JavaScript into Spotfire Text Areas

IronPython and JavaScript to refresh data tables at a set interval

Spotfire & JavaScript — Setting the Visualization Title to Current Date

Scripts Not Running After Trusting All

Why is my text area editing components rather than adding them?


Spotfire Data Functions — TERR Basics

Compatible Versions of TERR, RStudio and R

TERR Code for Installing & Attaching CRAN Packages

Pairwise Comparisons in Spotfire

Installing Packages in TERR versus RStudio and R

Explaining the TERR code behind the Pairwise/Correlation table

Accessing Data Function Parameters

TERR Errors with tidyr Package

TERR — Converting strings to date and time

TERR Scripts to Read/Write to MS Access

TERR in Spotfire — passing marked data through to another table

Spotfire TERR Errors – RinR

Predictive Modeling Tools

Spotfire Troubleshooting — Fixing a Bug in Spotfire Logistic Regression Modeling

Data Science Toolkit Improvements


Spotfire Malware Flag

Error — Current thread does not have an open read transaction

Special Topics

Updated Keyboard Shortcuts to Sort by Multiple Columns in a Table

How to Decompose a Spotfire Project

Part 1 – Decomposing Tables & Data Sources

Part 2 – Decomposing Data Functions

Part 3 – Decomposing Spotfire Data Wrangling

Part 4 — Decomposing Document Properties

Part 5 – Decomposing Calculations

Part 6 – Decomposing Text Areas & Scripts

Part 7 — Decomposing Visualizations and Data Limiting

Spotfire Best Practices

More on Column Name Search

Spotfire Naming Conventions — Part 1

There are only two hard things in Computer Science….


How to find the SQL query Spotfire sends to a database?

Administrating Spotfire — currency data types

Interpreting Spotfire Logging to Understand User Activity

Secrets to Modifying Spotfire Information Designer SQL

Creating Information Links with Spatial Data

Configuring Users Preferences in Spotfire

Administration Manager Preferences

How to Configure Chrome with Web Player

Administrating Spotfire – using unions in information links to merge tables

Spotfire Admin — HTML Sanitation

Administrating Spotfire — Caching Calculated Columns

Spotfire Admin — How to quickly trace DXPs connected to an information link


Explaining The Microsoft BI Power Products

If you are looking for a specific Spotfire how to tutorial, reach out to me on LinkedIn or leave a comment.

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    1. You are correct the links don’t work, and that is because the owner of Data Shop Talk took down the entire site. I’ve left the links up so that I can recreate content at some point, but the articles are no longer available. Sorry.

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