Spotfire Improvements

This page contains a list of all the Ideas I’ve logged in the TIBCO Ideas portal. If you agree with the idea, please upvote in their portal. Note, you will have to create an account to upvote if you don’t have one already.

  • 08/29/2019 – Monthly, bi-weekly schedules for Automation Services – Automation Services does not allow users to create monthly or bi-weekly schedules. This idea is under consideration, but couldn’t hurt to upvote.
  • 4/9/2019 Add back grouping of elements in PPT export – There was an option when exporting to PPT to group objects that has been deprecated. This was a very useful feature because the Spotfire labels aren’t moveable. With the grouping option, you could export to PPT and then ungroup all the individual objects and reorient as needed for PPT presentations. That was the only workaround we had for this inflexibility in the application. Please add this back in the new export technology used from 7.12 and onwards..
  • 4/4/2019 Redesign Spotfire X launch screen – The launch screen in Spotfire X needs to be redesigned.  The new screen resulted in the loss of very basic functionality, including the ability to see the entire file name.  You also can’t sort, and users can no longer see the contents of information links as in the old version.  These features were very useful and need to be added back into the application.

10 thoughts on “Spotfire Improvements”

  1. Hi Julie,
    Do you have any idea what happened to the cool automatic radius distance measuring tool? I recently upgraded to 10.9 and have searched!

  2. Julie, thanks for your awesome work. I just wish to check about the below functionalities (which i think are useful but dont exist):
    1. Can we sort the data table list (under datatable properties)? Typically it goes in the order to upload but when there is a long list, its annoying to not be able to sort data tables lists in a desired format (i.e. DB tables, processed tables, calculated tables, etc).

    2. In a line chart…still not possible to put a secondary x-axis. This does not allow us to make well log plots for example. Also, no option to rotate a line chart to work around this issue. Would be very useful if you can share some tips on how to make good well log plots in Spotfire.

    1. Oh man, I really wish we could sort the data table list. That has not been implemented that I am aware of. There might be improvements to the secondary x axis in the most recent versions of Spotfire. I am still on 10.3.

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