Using the Then Keyword

At the end of last week’s post, I promised to continue with examples of all node navigation methods. But, I have decided to wrap up keywords first. Thus, this week’s post will explain how to use the “Then” keyword. Then is incredibly useful in Spotfire because it allows you to specify the order of calculations in an expression. In other words, “calculate this and THEN calculate that”. However, there are a few places you can get tripped up. Read on to learn more.

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Using the Intersect Keyword

This is post 5 in my series on learning the Spotfire expression language. It will build on the content of the last few weeks and provide a comprehensive understanding of how over, intersect, and node navigation work together. The intersect keyword is the last piece of the puzzle. Read on to learn how it fits in.

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Using Node Navigation in Spotfire

This is the fourth post in my series on learning the Spotfire expression language. Last week, I talked about the over keyword and how it is used to group values in calculations. The next step in the learning process is using node navigation. Once this is second nature, you will be able to create any calculation desired. This week’s post focuses on understanding what node navigation is for and what a node is. Next week, I’ll add complexity and depth to the expressions. Read on to learn more.

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Use the Over Keyword

Last week, I kicked off a series on learning how to use the Spotfire expression language. The first post explained the 2 different ways to create calculations in Spotfire. This week, I’m going to talk about the over keyword and how to use it. Without the over keyword, it’s impossible to really get into the Spotfire expression language. It’s also a good starting point for learning node navigation. Read on to learn more.

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Document Calculated Columns with Numbering

All of the projects I’ve worked in the last year have been big, behemoth projects. As I build, I try to document as much as possible. One area that continues to be complicated and time-consuming to document are calculated columns. As a result, I’ve started to document calculated columns with numbering. This post will explain how and why this simple tactic will make understanding your work months later much easier.

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