Remove Leading Zeros in Alteryx

This week, I ran into a data engineering problem where I needed to extract a JV number from a string of numbers. The JV number can have 3,4, or 6 digits. For any number less than 6 digits, the system adds leading zeros. At first, I thought I needed to dig into some Regex, but there was a much simpler answer to remove leading zeros in Alteryx. Read on to add another tool to your Alteryx toolbox.

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Using the ‘In’ Operator in Alteryx Filter Tools

I promise to resume my Spotfire expression series, but… This week, I will showcase 2 Alteryx tips and tricks I learned from coworkers last week. The first will be a salute and fond farewell to my teammate Alice Yu who is leaving the company. I am very sad to see Alice depart, as she is the light of our team and an all-around good and fun human. The second will be a warm welcome to Jack Stewart who is moving from our Geo team to the Analytics team. I can already tell that Jack approaches problems very differently from me, so I expect to learn a lot from him. So, with that said, here is what I learned from Alice….

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