Alteryx is data wrangling software commonly deployed with other applications like Spotfire and Tableau. This category will contain articles on Alteryx best practices, tips, tricks, and learnings. I am a new Alteryx user and will post as my skills develop.

How to Reduce the Size of an Alteryx Data Set

I love that I can run huge amounts of data thru Alteryx. However, I also have to think about how much data I’m going to take from Alteryx and push to a BI application like Spotfire or PowerBI. As a general rule, less is more. Now, you may think you can’t do anything to reduce the size of your data set without cutting columns or rows, but that’s not true. Read on to learn two quick tricks to materially reduce the size of your data set.

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Alteryx Hack For Ensuring Data Granularity

In our last sprint, the AAET team worked up a series of Alteryx workflows for our annual planning process that combines forecast and actual data. It’s a massive data set that pulls from a new forecasting database, so we are beginners with this data. One of my coworkers, Jack Stewart, showed me an Alteryx hack he uses with Cross Tab tools to ensure the granularity of the data is what he thinks it is. As I took over his workflows, this hack saved me multiple times when I didn’t realize records had been duplicated. Read on to learn a new Alteryx trick!

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Do You Even Cache, Bro?

I love the data caching feature in Alteryx. However, I learned this week I wasn’t using it as efficiently as possible. I showed my team members this discovery and none of them were aware of it. Are you missing it as well? Check out this post to learn more about caching data in Alteryx.

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Your Spreadsheet Format Sucks, Alteryx Will Fix It

Last week, I was working with one of our engineers to streamline an alarm reporting process. They receive spreadsheet CSVs of alarm data, and they have an Excel macro process to collate the data and pull out what they need. It’s not a great process, and it’s not sustainable, so we are using Alteryx to improve it. And, the CSVs come in a very unfortunate format. So, for this week’s post, I’m going to show you exactly how I took a wonky spreadsheet and turned it into something that BI applications can easily consume.

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How to Debug Alteryx Apps

Last week, I built my first app. Then, I added on to that app. As I added on to it, the app became more complicated, and I started running into problems. I reached out to the Alteryx VSC for assistance. Part of our troubleshooting processes involved debugging, which is critical to producing successful apps. If you are ever going to build an app, you must know how to debug. Read on to find out how.

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How to Rename Tabs in Alteryx Apps

When I built my first app a few weeks ago, I created multiple tabs in the user interface. You would think that renaming the tabs would be easy. It wasn’t easy the first time I did it, and the Alteryx support person I worked with while building the app couldn’t remember how to do it. I found the answer in this Community post but still struggled to make it work because the post doesn’t precisely describe what to click on. So, I’ll fill in where this post left off and show you why it’s tricky! Read on to learn how to rename tabs in Alteryx apps.

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