How to Include Line Breaks In An Alteryx Email

I love watching the Alteryx Designer discussion boards because I learn new things all the time. This week, a discussion popped up where a user asked how they could incorporate line breaks in an email body. I found a Knowledge Base article that seemed to have the answer, although I wasn’t able to dig into it right away. I posted the link. One of the other ACEs dug into it immediately and posted a solution that I later refined. This is why the Alteryx Community is so awesome. Read on to learn how to incorporate line breaks in an Alteryx email.

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Solve Query Timeout Issues in Alteryx

A few weeks ago, I wrote a post on how to resolve query timeouts using batch macros. Shortly after publishing, Mark Frisch of CReW Macros reached out to me to say that my post wasn’t wrong (whew!), BUT there is another way to fix query timeouts without resorting to macros. It’s taken me a while to get around to it, but I wanted to share his solution as well. Read on to learn another way to solve query timeout issues in Alteryx.

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Remove Leading Zeros in Alteryx

This week, I ran into a data engineering problem where I needed to extract a JV number from a string of numbers. The JV number can have 3,4, or 6 digits. For any number less than 6 digits, the system adds leading zeros. At first, I thought I needed to dig into some Regex, but there was a much simpler answer to remove leading zeros in Alteryx. Read on to add another tool to your Alteryx toolbox.

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