How to Add Video to Spotfire Text Areas

The Spotfire projects I build just keep getting bigger and bigger. As they get bigger and more complex, it’s helpful to provide detailed instruction to users. One of the easiest ways to do that is with video. One of my coworkers recently showed me how he used basic HTML to embed a video tutorial for the analysis into a text area. Now, users don’t have to search for it. It’s right there in the DXP. This post will show you how to add a video to Spotfire text areas.

Read on to learn how.

Steps to Add Video to Spotfire Text Areas

  1. Create an account with YouTube, Vimeo or a similar site. These instructions require a URL. You won’t be able to select a file from your machine or shared drive.
  2. Post your video on that site. I am using this video on YouTube in this example. Look for an option to share the video as shown here.
  3. Choose the Embed option.
  4. Next, grab the HTML code.
  5. Add a text area to your Spotfire analysis.
  6. Right-click and select Edit HTML. Then, paste the code into the text area.

Now, the video is embedded in the text area and can be played on demand, and it will even work in the web player!

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