Add a Bar Chart with IronPython

Last week, I went to North Carolina to get my mountain bike instructor certification (( The instructor certification is about breaking mountain biking down into component parts. They give soon-to-be instructors a format and template to teach from that doesn’t confuse people (because mountain biking is a complex subject). The format is simple — what, why, and how — with no more than 3 bullet points on the how. That format goes round and round a “training wheel” where you introduce, develop, experiment, and assess (repeat). I think the same principles can be applied to teaching any subject, like analytics or coding, so watch out world!

This is my third week working thru IronPython scripts from the Spotfire IronPython quick reference. Last week, we looked at for loops. The week before, we used IP to modify titles. This week, we’ll insert visualizations with IronPython and explore the API as we go. Let’s get started.

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Changing Visualization Titles with IronPython

I promised a return to Spotfire API for IronPython posts, and that is finally happening. I had to get a few drafts cleared out, like 5 Ways to Approach Troubleshooting Data Problems, but now I’m back on the IronPython track.

In October last year, I committed to spending 100 hours learning IronPython. I wrote several “starter” IronPython posts, which can be found in the Data Shop Talk Archive. I have lost count of how much time I’ve spent on IronPython, but the clock starts again today.

My goals haven’t changed. They are still to ….

  1. Get an understanding of IronPython structure
  2. Develop an understanding of the Spotfire API
  3. Apply that understanding in Spotfire code examples

For the next several weeks, I’ll be using the code snippets posted on The Spotfire IronPython Quick Reference to explore the API. I’ll punctate that with an article here and there are the IronPython/Python structure as I go. Read on for this week’s code snippet.

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