Is Saving in Alteryx Taking Forever????

Have you ever experienced the problem of Alteryx hanging when saving? You just want to save your work and go to happy hour, but it’s stuck at the validation phase. There is a reason for it and a way around it. Read on to learn this handy pro tip.

If you prefer video of reading, check out the video below, which is also available at this link. You can also see all my other Alteryx videos.

By default, when Alteryx saves, the application verifies all queries in Input tools. Sometimes, this can take a really long time. And there is no one reason for the delay. It might take a long time because the workflow has a lot of inputs or complicated queries. Or perhaps the underlying table being queried is broken and you know about it but just want to save. Data Management will fix it tomorrow. Do you really have to wait 20+ minutes just to save the workflow? The answer is no…you don’t.

Before I show you the workaround, I would like to thank our Alteryx admin, Dillon Pritchard, for pointing out that validating when saving is optional.

After going to File – Save click the down arrow under Workflow Options and uncheck the box to Validate workflow then save.

The workflow will save immediately. You will get the following warning, but if all you want to do is save and get to happy hour, this will get you there faster.

Additionally, if you are an Alteryx administrator, it’s possible to change the server settings to not default to validation. I don’t have access to our Alteryx back-end, so I can’t provide screenshots. But, it is discussed in this Community post. So check that out if you are an administrator.

Now you know how to work around Alteryx hanging when saving. Cheers friends!!

Happy Hour Drinking GIF
Happy Hour Drinking GIF

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