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I recently wrote a posting entitled 11 Tips & Habits for Efficiency & Consistency in Alteryx Workflows. One of the tips showcased new Alteryx search functionality. A few folks commented that they didn’t know about this new functionality, so when I “discovered” that you can also search the Alteryx Results pane, I had to write about it. This feature was right in front of my eyes the whole time, I just couldn’t see it. Read on to learn more.

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Search with the Find Pane

In a recent update, Alteryx rolled out improved search functionality in the Find pane. Find allows users to search names, annotations, properties, etc within the application. Knowing I can search annotations, I leave breadcrumbs for myself to help me navigate large workflows. Use Ctrl + F to pull it up. That was what my last post was about. But, there’s more….

Search in the Results Pane

Today was the first time I ever noticed or used the search function in the Results pane.

In the example above, you can see that I have 45 records, which isn’t a lot. That’s not too bad to scroll thru, but what about when you have hundreds or thousands? If I want to find data for a particular rig or pad, I would usually add more tools (Filter, Sort, etc) and then remove them later. But as long as what I need is in the Results pane, I can search for it without adding more tools. You don’t even need to specify the column. This is a HUGE time saver.


If the data you want is not displayed (i.e. too many records for the Results pane), search won’t return data.

Now you know how to search the Alteryx Results pane for faster confirmation of workflow results and outputs.

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